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Please note: You will not be charged to create a repair ticket. 

Repair Ticket Procedure:

1. Fill out repair inforamtion and upload pictures to get a faster estimate
2. Once we have your repair ticket inforamtion fixmykite.com will email you with the repair estimate
3. Print off your repair ticket and ship it with your kite
4. Ship the kite only no bar no bag and in the smallest box possible. This will save money on shipping "NO PACKING PEANUTS"
5. Ship your kite

Price: FREE
Fixmykite.com 9mm Valve, 1 way
The 9mm Self-Stick-Valve is the industry standard for all inflation valves. Will work on 99.9% of all kites in production.

Price: $11.95
Fixmykite.com 11mm Deflate (Dump) Valve
Specially formulated adhesive is incredibly durable and will stick on any bladder material or color. The 11mm Deflate (Dump) Self-Stick-Valve is used on most kites as the deflation system.

Price: $11.95

Fixmykite.com 7mm Valve 1-way

The 7mm Self-Stick-Valve will work on older kites that use a smaller inflate valve. Also used on all Ocean Rodeo kites and some one pump systems.

Price: $11.95
Fixmykite.com Multi Option Valve
From the Leaders in Repair Technology, this valve provides a Multitude of options, and is the Only valve you’ll need for an Emergency replacement on any bladder. Use as a standard Inflate, or cut at specified location for options as a One-pump on almost any kite on the market with external One-pump system.

Price: $11.95
Fixmykite.com Ozone Big Boston Inflate/Deflate Valve
The Ozone Big Boston Inflate/Deflate Valve will replace the inflate/deflate on 2011 and newer Ozone kites. This valve will also work to replace the Max Flow Valve on Liquid Force kites.
Price: $23.95

2015 Airush XL Inflate/Deflate Valve
The Airush XL Inflate/Deflate Valve will replace the inflate/deflate on 2105 Airush kites.
Price: $23.95
Fixmykite.com Screw Valve
The Fixmykite.com self-stick Screw Valve as used on Cabrinha, Best and any other screw valve water kite. Match with Fixmykite.com Tuff Bladders as well as any other bladder, and a pefect fit for any kite.

Price: $13.95
Fixmykite.com Slingshot One Pump Valve
The Slingshot One Pump Self-Stick-Valve will fit any standard One Pump system.

Price: $13.95

Fixmykite.com Naish Octopus One Pump Valves
Fxmykite.com Naish Octopus One Pump Valves is the perfect replacement valves for the Leading Edge One Pump Valve (Male valve) and strut one pump valve (Female Valve). 

Price: $15.95
Fixmykite.com Ozone 90-Degree One Pump Valve
The Ozone One Pump Valve will work on any Ozone kites that have a one pump system. This valve will also work with Slingshot and Royal kites with a one pump system.

Price: $13.95
Fixmykite.com Crazyfly One Pump Valve, 2015+
The Crazyfly One Pump Self-Stick Valve will fit any year of Crazyfly kite, and many other LEI kites like Flexifoil, Ozone, and Slingshot

Price: $13.95

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