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Pigtails by Prokitesurf (set of 2)

Attachment point pigtails

Price: $6.00
PKS Kook-Proof Pigtail Sets

PKS Kook-Proof Pigtail Sets are complete 8-piece sets, set up in kook-proof fashion with different colors for inside and outside lines, and pre-set knots and pull-tabs for ease of use.

List Price: $24.95
Price: $23.95
Sensei Trainer Wrist Leash
A Sensei Trainer Wrist Leash is the easiest way to avoid damaging a trainer while keeping it securely attached to your wrist. High-strength webbing and bungee are attached to 1200 lbs.-test end-loops, and are secured around the user's wrist by a 2" velcro cuff.
Price: $16.95

Slingshot Lock n' Load Chicken Loop Line with bearing
Pefect replacement for any Slingshot bar that uses the lock n' load chicken loop.  This includes T2, T3, Rev1, Rev2, RPM, and Fuel kites. 
Price: $34.95
Best Depower Replacement Line
Our Best Depower Replacement line will work on any Depowerable Best kite, from 2007 -2009.

Price: $24.99
Sewing Awl
A Sewing Awl works great for harness repair or even to fix a busted footsrap. Can sew through thick tough material and make a fast, durable repair. This has saved us on trips after a harness blew out from one too many uses.
Price: $14.99

PKS Slider Release Leash
PKS Slider-Release Leashes are fully releasable under load, and have Removable Clips on each end. High-strength Webbing eliminates material breakdown found in Neoprene leashes.

Length = 46 inches
Price: $35.95
Fix My Kite.com Tshirt
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The official shirt of the number 1 kite repair website in the U.S.  Now you can you represent you're favorite kite repair store while looking good and feeling comfortable.  This shirt fits great and is made in the U.S. 

Price: $14.95
PKS Handy Dandy Self Launch Tool
The PKS Handy-Dandy Self Launch Tool: We would like to introduce you to another innovative Product that most everyone can use! This little dandy is what every KiteBoarder needs in their arsenal. For those days when everyone else is working and you find you’re self alone at your favorite Kite Spot and no one to launch or land your kite. Now you’re no longer limited to needing someone to launch or land your kite.

Price: $18.95

PKS Pump Leash
The PKS Pump Leash is the easiest way to pump up your kite without worrying about it flying away. High-strength webbing and bungee can be easily secured to any pump with a drilled hole in pump base, and the loop and ball make it simple to attach to many areas of any kite to hold it close while pumping in high winds.

Price: $5.99
Fixmykite.com ER Patch Kit
Fixmykite.com again brings you the latest and great kit to keep you kiting longer. This Tear Aid patch kit includes 3 different sizes of pre cut and rounded Tear Aid patches that cover a multitude of repairs.
Price: $4.99
3mm Pulley Bridle Line
3mm Pulley Bridle Line is used by Cabrinha, Airush, and many major kiteboarding brands. This line is highly abrasion resistant.

Price: $2.75

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