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Leader Line by Prokitesurf
Leader Line for Kitesurfing, Landkites, and Snow kites. Sewn loops can be added to one or both ends, and lines can be made to any length desired.

Price: $0.75
Pulley Savers Set of 4
Pulley Savers are designed to be a very simple way to back-up your bridle system and keep your wing shape from being compromised should a pulley break in flight.
Price: $8.00
Ronstan Bridle Pulley
Always check pulleys for wear and tear and replace when needed. A broken or jamed pulley can ruin a kite bridle. $8.25 per pulley

Price: $8.25

3/16" Spectra Replaceable Chicken Loop Line
3/16-inch Spectra Replaceable Chicken loop line.

$3.25 per foot

Price: $3.25
1/4" Spectra Replaceable Chicken loop Line
1/4-inch Spectra Replaceable Chicken loop line. This is the standard for replacing your chicken loop rope.

$3.25 per foot
Price: $3.25
PKS Line Extensions

Line Extensions allow you to tune your kite lines to the exact length that you want.

Price: $39.95

PKS High Visibility Line Set 25m, 27m, or CUSTOM

Prokitesurf line sets are high quality dynemma lines specifically designed for kiteboarding. Pre-stretched dynemma with sewn sleeved loops on both ends. Brightly colored red and grey lines.

Price: $167.95
Cabrinha 1m Extensions for Bar Modification (2)
Want to upgrade your 2009 control system to a 2010 bar setup? The IDS landing line is now internal on the mainline, and the OverSlide system is totally new and is a much better stopper than we had in 2009.
Price: $12.99
Fixmykite.com Micro hook Braiding Tool
This kit includes micro braiding tool, instructions and pigtail extender. With these tools you can quickly fix a braided Spectra fly line on the spot.
Price: $12.00

FixMyKite.com Sleeving Kit

With the Fixmykite.com Sleeve Kit you can easily replace your sleeved ends or shorten your fly lines and re-sleeve them anywhere you are to get you back on the water in no time.

Price: $7.99
Trainer Line Set 220 lbs

Sensei Trainer kite lines are 220 lb. Prestretched Spectra with sleeved and sewn loops on both ends

Price: $29.95
Ronstan Pulley For Larger Foils and Naish (Sold Individually)
Ronstan pulley used on larger Snow Kite Foils and Naish Kites.

Price: $10.00

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