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Control Bars

Kiteboarding control bars are an essential piece of equipment used to steer inflatable and foil kites. We carry control bars and replacement parts for all major brands of kites: CrazyFly, Ozone, Slingshot, Airush, Naish, & Cabrinha.

Build a Bar Workshop

Parts and Pieces to Repair or even build a bar from scratch.


Flyline Sets and Line Extensions

We carry replacement fly line sets in case you break a line or need different length lines. Attaching extensions to the end of your fly lines extends your line length. Longer flying lines give you more power and shorter lines give you quicker turning. We carry replacement linesets from Ozone, Naish, Slingshot, PKS, and Q Power. FixMyKite can do almost any custom line job or repair to your specifications.

Control Bar Parts

Replacement bar parts from ends to floats. If you don't see what you need, give us a call, chances are we can order it for you. 361-883-1473

Line Accessories has what you need to get you back on the water. Line replacement, sleeving kits, pulley savers, and much more.

Kite Leashes

Kite leashes provide a level of safety for preventing you from losing your kite. A leash is a simple attachment between your harness and your kite's safety system so you still stay connected to your kite when you hit the safety release. We carry both the new mini leashes as well as traditional handle pass leashes.