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2015 Cabrinha Velocity 9m Kite only

The Velocity is our most efficient performance freeride/ race kite. The Velocity's ultra high performance comes from a combination of its high aspect outline, flatter arc, and high performance profiles.

List Price: $1,249.00
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Cabrinha Adjustable Pigtails (set of 4)

Cabrinha adjustable pigtails for a 4-line kite. These pigtails attach to the end of your fly lines to connect to your kite. The pigtails can be adjusted by moving the knot on the pigtail to adjust the size of the loop. Always be sure to check you pigtails for wear and tear.

Your Price: : $35.95
Cabrinha Airlock 1 Screw CAP ONLY
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Cabrinha Airlock Screw Cap:  The Airlock high volume one way valve is a Cabrinha exclusive. While inflating, the one way valve does not allow air to escape, even when the pump nozzle is pulled out. The extra large opening allows for even the largest kites to be pumped up in minutes.  For use with 2013 and prior Cabrinha valves and is also compatible with 2008 Best EZ pump.
Your Price: : $5.99 Cabrinha Airlock 2 Screw-CAP ONLY

The Cabrinha Airlock 2 Screw-CAP ONLY  is the top screw portion with Cap for the new inflate/deflate screw valve Cabrinha now used on their kites (2014 and newer). This product does NOT include the base or Stick-on patch. This WILL NOT WORK in the old Airlock valve base (Cabrinha Airlock with old-style cap, pre-2014). Also works on cloud kites by board riding maui.

Your Price: : $11.95
Cabrinha Kiteboard Twintip Screws
Choose which Cabrinha Kiteboarding Board Screws you need. Great replacement if you ever lost a screw on the water or during travel. Choice of handle, pads/straps, and fin screws for Cabrinha kiteboards from 2014 to the current model year.
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Cabrinha Sprint Kiteboarding Kite Pump
Cabrinha Sprint high Capacity Kite pump made by Bravo. Double action, pumps both directions. Inflate and Deflate connections. Complete with hose, leash, and multiple adapters.
Your Price: : $37.95