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CrazyFly Quick Release With Chickenloop

Crazyfly Quick-Release with Chickenloop is the stock part that comes with all 2018 Sick Bars.  Though very similar looking to the 2014, the inner mechanics were changed to be easier to put back together once released.  The built in swivel and smooth-release make this one of the cleanest and most simple systems on the market.

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2023 Crazyfly Savvy Control Bar
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Crazyfly Savvy Control Bar

This bar is Savvy. Smart, intelligent, safe, functional, durable, and sustainable. A bar that sticks with you for many sessions but does not stick when sheeting and looping. The new quick release clicks and all on the bar ticks. Ticks all the boxes a bar should. Complex yet simple. Renewable in matter of minutes. A bar to hold and behold. Savvy?

At a glance:

  • The only bar made in Europe
  • Simple Click Reload quick release
  • Single front line flag out
  • Ergonomic delta shape
  • Auto Swivel
  • Bar width adjusters
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CrazyFly Lock Tube

The Crazyfly Lock Tube (donkey stick as they call it), is a simple but flexible one-piece tube that fits right on the chickenloop itself to keep the chickenloop locked onto your spreader bar.  This avoids any potential accidental unhooking.

Your Price: : $19.95 CrazyFly One Pump Valve, 2015+
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Discount! Order 5 or More for $1 off per valve CrazyFly One Pump Kiteboarding Valve replaces valves on all CrazyFly kite models 2015 and newer.  Also a compatible replacement for North Lazy pump Gen. 2, Ozone, Slingshot, and Flexifoil.

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2010-2014 CrazyFly Depower Line

The 2010-2014 Crazyfly Depower Line is the double-duty line on the 2012-2014 Crazyfly Sick Bars which acted as both a dual-line Depower line and Sheeting Strap.  These wear down over time, and it's a cheap and easy part to replace to ensure your bar ist strong and top notch.

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CrazyFly Clamcleat

The Crazyfly Cleat is their unique cleat for the Trim-line (Sheeting strap) on 2015 kites and newer for the 2015 CrazyFly Sick Bar.

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Crazyfly Kiteboard Twintip Screws
Choose which Crazyfly Kiteboarding Board Screws you need. Great replacement if you ever lost a screw on the water or during travel. Choice of handle, pads/straps, and fin screws for Crazyfly kiteboards from 2010 to the current model year.
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Crazyfly Hexa Binding Screws and Washers

Crazyfly Kiteboarding Hexa Binding screws and washers. Great replacements if you ever lose a screw on the water or during travel.

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CrazyFly Kiteboarding Fly Lines 24m (4 x 700 lbs)
CrazyFly Flyline set will replace any year Sick Bar. It includes 4x 24m lines of high-quality European-made Dyneema with a 700+ lbs. (320kg) test rating.
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CrazyFly Kiteboarding Front Fly Lines With Safety
The Crazyfly front-line with Red Safety works on any year of Crazyfly Kite.  It is the center fly-line that has the specialized mid-line loop where the safety (bungee) line attaches.  This product comes with the center fly-line and red safety (bungee) line.
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CrazyFly Kite Pump

CrazyFly really outdid themselves with this year's kite pump. It boasts many new features, most note worthy being the addition of a valve which controls pressure and capacity. When closed, the pump moves air on both the up and down stroke for high capacity and when the cap is open is only moves air on the down stroke for high pressure pumping.

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2018 CrazyFly Chickenloop PU Tube

Replacement PU for Crazyfly Sick bar.

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