Pump Accessories

All the pump accessories and replacement parts you may need; from replacement hoses and adapters to gauges.

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PKS V2 Universal Kite Valve  Pump Adapter for SUP Style Naish/Flysurfer/F-One/Core

The New PKS Universal V2 Valve adapter for Naish, Flysurfer, F-One, Core kites. Works with Reactor Valve, Speed 2.0 Valve, Free Flow Valve and Surelock Valves.

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FixMyKite.com Pump Replacement Leash
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Replacement pump leash for pumping up your kite

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PKS Pump Adapter for Cabrinha Airlock 1 Screw Valves

The Cabrinha Airlock 1 Screw Valve adapter:  compatible with 2013 and prior Cabrinha kites (and 2008 Best EZ screw valves)

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PKS BC Pump Adapter for  Big Boston Screw Valves

This big Boston valve (screw valve) pump adapter / nozzle fits on any standard kite pump hose.  It works with several large Boston valves (screw valves) on the market today including Ozone (2011 and newer), Naish, Crazyfly, Airush (2015 and newer,) and Switch kites.

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PKS BT Threaded Big Boston  Screw Valve Pump Adapter

This threaded big Boston valve (screw valve) pump adapter/nozzle fits on any standard kite pump hose. It works with several large Boston valves (screw valves) on the market today including Ozone (2011 and newer), and Naish, Crazyfly, and Airush (2015 and newer), and Switch kites. This adapter screws onto the top of the Boston valve for a more secure fit compared to the friction-fit adapters typically found on most pumps.

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PKS A2 Pump Adapter for North,  Core, Eleveight, RRD and Cabrina  Airlock 2 Valve Pump Adapter

The North and Core Pump Adapter/Nozzle is compatible with Core kites and newer North kites (2013 and on), Duotone kites, and Cabrinha Airlock 2 kites.

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PKS S3 Pump Adapter for Duotone and North  Airport Valves with Silicone Ring

The PKS North/Duotone Airport  Pump Adapter/Nozzle with silicone sealing ring is compatible with 2013 and newer North kites, and 2014 and newer Cabrinha kites with the Airlock 2 screw valve.

This adapter was built to fit newer model heavy duty pump hoses (2016 and newer.)  The adapter does also fit older model pump hoses (prior to 2016) very tightly but does not lock in like standard OEM adapters.  The adapter can be used as is or may need to be modified by filing down the tiny nub near the ridge of the adapter where it connects to the hose.

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PKS M2 Max Flow Pump Adapter for  Liquid Force Valves/ Reedin

The Liquid Force Valve Pump Adapter/Nozzle is compatible with Liquid Force kites manufactured 2011 and later with the Max Flow valve.

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PKS S1 Standard Pump Adapter  for 7mm and 9mm Valves

The 7mm and 9mm Pump Adapter is compatible with almost all kites prior to about 2008.  Nearly all older kites which include the 2 valve inflate and deflate systems included 9mm or 7mm valves.  This is also the adapter used for inflating struts on kites without a one-pump system.

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PKS Universal Pump Adapter/Nozzle - 5 Piece Set

The PKS Universal Pump Adapter/ Nozzle - 5 Piece Set fits on standard kite pump hoses.  The 5 piece set includes an adapter for compatibility with each of the major kite brands.  Cabrinha, CrazyFly, Airush, Naish, Ozone, North, Core, Liquid Force, Epic, Blade, and more.

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