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PKS Kiteboarding Self-Launch Sand Anchor
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The PKS Self-Launch Sand Anchor is another true innovation in the world of kiteboarding and self reliance. This amazing Self-Launch Beach Anchor can be used to self-launch your kite with nothing around but sand.

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Kiteboarding Sand Weight Bag
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This Sand Weight Bag is a kiter's essential item.  You can use the sand weight bag to stop your kite from blowing away on a windy day, reduce sail fluttering which reduces wear on your kite, and also use for self launching. Every kiter could use one or two of these.

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PKS Self Launch Tool
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The PKS Self Launch Tool: We would like to introduce you to another innovative Product that most everyone can use! This little tool is what every KiteBoarder needs in their arsenal. For those days when everyone else is working and you find you’re self alone at your favorite Kite Spot and no one to launch or land your kite. Now you’re no longer limited to needing someone to launch or land your kite.

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