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Airush Outside Line Pigtails (set of 2)
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Airush replacement pigtails for the wingtip bridles. These pigtails connect to the bridle lines coming off the kite and are where you to hook up your outside flying lines. These work with newer Airush 4-line kites.

Set includes 2 pieces with:

  • Color coded lines
    • 1 black loop-knot pigtail
    • 1 red loop-knot pigtail


Your Price: : $17.95 2015 Airush XL Inflate/Deflate Valve
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The Airush XL Inflate/Deflate Kiteboarding Valve will replace the inflate/deflate valve on all 2015 and later Airush Kites.  This valve is also compatabile for use on Naish 2015 and later kites.

Your Price: : $23.95 Airush SPS 90 Degree One Pump Kiteboarding Valve, 2015+
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Discount! Order 5 or More for $1 off per valve

Airush 2015+ SPS One Pump 90 Degree Valve is the perfect replacement valve for all 2015+ Airush Kites that uses the Airush SPS one pump 90 degree system.


Your Price: : $13.95 Airush XL Screw Valve-CAP ONLY

The <strong> Airush XLScrew Valve -CAP ONLY&nbsp; </strong>is  the top screw portion with Cap for the new inflate/deflate screw valve Airush uses on their kites 2015 and later.&nbsp; (This valve cap is also compatible for Naish 2015 and later kites, and RD kites with the large scew valve.).&nbsp;This product does NOT  include the base or Stick-on patch. This <u><em><strong>WILL NOT WORK</strong></em></u><em><strong> </strong></em>in the old Airlock valve base (Cabrinha Airlock with old-style cap, pre-2014).<br />

Your Price: : $9.95
Airush Flag Out Line Bungee
Replacement Airush  Safety Line (RED 1.2m spectra 3mm line with elastic section) low Y bar


Your Price: : $27.00
Airush Kiteboard Twintip Screws

Choose which Airush Kiteboarding Board Screws you need. Great replacement if you ever lost a screw on the water or during travel. Choice of handle, pads/straps, and fin screws for Airush kiteboards from 2013 to the current model year.

Your Price: : $0.95

Airush Bar Ends (Sold in Pairs)
These bar ends work really well for trainer kit bars and also if you are building a custom bar.
Your Price: : $24.95