Pulleys wear out over time with salt and sand, we have you covered if you need a replacement. We carry all types: sliding rings, traditional pulleys with rollers, and sheaveless blocks. Get them with or without pigtails; whatever you need to connect it to your kite to get you back on the water.

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Ronstan Bridle Pulley
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Always check pulleys for wear and tear and replace when needed. A broken or jamed pulley can ruin a kite bridle. $8.25 per pulley

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PKS Replacement Ozone Speed System

The PKS Replacement Ozone Speed System is the interface between the fly lines and the bridle of the kite. This speed system works on all Ozone depowerable foil kites since 2009 including the Access, Frenzy, Manta, Summit, Blizzard, Subzero, Chrono, R1 , and Hyperlink. Durable line materials reduce wear and tear on the pulley lines, with increased resistance to stretch or shrinkage for a longer life span.


With the PKS Replacment Speed System, you get the option to order Lines only or complete with the pullies.

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Riley Kite Pulley

Riley Kite Pulley

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Ronstan Orbit Block Kite Pulley
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The Ronstan Orbit Block kite pulley just hit the market.  For anyone tired of going through pulleys and the danger of failing pulleys, this is the ticket.

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Ronstan Shock Block Sheavless Pulley (Sold Individually)

The new, versatile, sheaveless Shock Block by Ronstan is only 7/8" long, yet it is very strong, super lightweight and designed for performance.

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Ronstan Series 15 Small Pulley

Ronstan Pulley used on larger foil snow sites as well as Naish Kites.

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Naish (Ronstan) Orbit Block Pulley with Pigtail (knot)

The Ronstan Orbit Block kite pulley is perfect for anyone tired of going through pulleys and the danger of failing pulleys. Though a very similar size to standard pulleys, it is way stronger with a 1200 lbs.<br />

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Ronstan Low Friction Bridle Ring
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The New Ronstan Low Friction Ring Pulley provides outstanding strength to weight solution where the absolute minimum friction of a ball bearing block is not required. The Ronstan Low Friction Rings are machined from high grade aluminum with a durable low friction anodized coating. Suits line diameter up to 14mm (9/16")

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Ronstan Pulley For Larger Foils and Naish (Sold Individually)
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Ronstan pulley used on larger Snow Kite Foils and Naish Kites.

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PKS Pulley Savers (set of 4)

PKS Kiteboarding Pulley Savers are designed to be a very simple way to back-up your bridle system and keep your wing shape from being compromised should a pulley break in flight. The pulley saver simply attaches around the pulley and bridle line.

Your Price: : $7.95
Double Pulleys
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Ronstan Double Pulleys

Replacement Double Pulleys which are used on some of the top brand Kite companies like Cabrinha and Slingshot.

Your Price: : $27.95
Naish Swivel

The Naish Swivel for Naish Universal and Fusion bars. The top part of this swivel holds the front lines and the bottom pulley connects to the chickenloop depower rope. Swivel to keeps the front lines untangled.

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Ozone Speed System Pulley Lines

Replacement Ozone Speed System Pulley Lines. This is the the 4 lines that the pulley run one, including two pulleys. Works with all Ozone depowerable foils 2009+

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Ozone Full Speed System with Pulleys

Replacement Ozone Speed System. This is the full replacement speed system including the pulleys. Works with all Ozone depowerable foils 2009+

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