Tools make any job easier. Whether it's tightening screws on your board, sewing, or re-sleeving a line, these tools are great to make any repair on the go.
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Dakine Fidget Tool

Dakine Fidget Tool

The perfect pocket tool for emergency repairs and adjustments. The Fidget Tool has all the most common bits you'll need for field adjustments, including removable surfboard fins. And it has a built-in keychain ring, so you can keep it right at your side any time you leave home.


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Ion Kite Knife 2.0


The ideal tool to have on you at all times on the water. Fits into your harness knife pocket (all ION harness have them). The tool is a safety line knife but has a posi star drive head for tightening screws on the boards & straps & a hex fin key.

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Deluxe Carabiner Clip

The deluxe Carabiner Clip is ideal for extensive multiple functions and uses, as they are made to easily larks headed on any loop. 
Length 2.25"

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Carabiner Clip

The Carabiner Clip is ideal for extensive multiple functions and uses, as they are made to easily change out on different material without the need to restitch or sew material into a closed loop.  There is no closed loop on this clip for that purpose.

Your Price: : $8.95 Microhook Line Splicing Kit

This kit includes micro braiding tool, instructions and pigtail extender. With these tools you can quickly fix a braided Spectra fly line on the spot. Splicing Needle

Your Price: : $12.00 Sleeving Kit

With the Sleeve Kit you can easily replace your sleeved ends or shorten your fly lines and re-sleeve them anywhere you are to get you back on the water in no time.

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PKS Self Launch Tool
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The PKS Self Launch Tool: We would like to introduce you to another innovative Product that most everyone can use! This little tool is what every KiteBoarder needs in their arsenal. For those days when everyone else is working and you find you’re self alone at your favorite Kite Spot and no one to launch or land your kite. Now you’re no longer limited to needing someone to launch or land your kite.

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Sewing Awl

A Sewing Awl works great for harness repair or even to fix a busted footsrap. Can sew through thick tough material and make a fast, durable repair. This has saved us on trips after a harness blew out from one too many uses.

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Sand Weight Bag

Kite weight bag to hold down your kite or use for self launching. Fill 3/4's of the way with sand and close with sewn in velcro. Bag closure system prevents sand from coming out when you don't want it to. Every kiter could use one or two of these.

Measures: 24 x 14 inches

Can Hold up to: 21 lbs.

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