Dakine Compression Bag

Dakine Compression Bag

Dakine Compression Bag

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Replace your heavy kite bags with this light-weight Dakine compression bag. You won't believe how much weight and space you can save when packing for a trip. a true space and weight saver

The Dakine compression kite bags are a must have for travel. They save so much room and so light weight it is incredible plus there are no annoying zippers to mess with. These bags keep you nice and organized, protect your kite, and greatly lighten your load. Makes packing for a trip much easier and makes room for that extra kite to sneak in your bag. Trust us, after you get these for your kites you will not know how you ever traveled without them. The weight you save will pay for these bags after just one trip.


  • 60 x 25 x 30cm


  • Replace your heavier stock kite bags, reducing overall travel bag weight
  • Shoulder carry strap for beach travel
  • Lighteight nylon fabric
  • Four compression webbing straps
  • High visibility location for writing kite size

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