HQ Fluxx - Trainer Kite

HQ Fluxx - Trainer Kite

HQ Fluxx - Trainer Kite

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HQ FLUXX Trainer Kite

 Are you looking for an inexpensive and universal introduction to kiting and you are not yet committed to a specific direction? Whether you want to enjoy kitesurfing, land kiting or just for fun, the Fluxx is the right choice for you. We have attached great importance to easy, stable handling and good balanced flight characteristics. Even if the Fluxx has a ground contact, the sturdy and special shaping means that it can be relaunched with only two lines. Use the Fluxx as a trainer kite and open up the fascinating world of kitesurfing! Become a part of our passion. 


  •     Completely leashed and ready to fly
  •     Stable Flight behaviour
  •     Automatic Relaunch
  •     Robust processing
  •     Perfect as preparation for the introduction to power kiting


  •     Sleek HQ4 bag with tag insert
  •     Control Bar
  •     Trainer Kite Guide
  •     Optional Accessory: Safety System- This safety system for 2-line control bars makes it possible to release the control bar in an emergency without loosing the kite.

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