PKS Elite 99 Kite Race / Hydrofoil Line Set

PKS Elite 99 Kite Race / Hydrofoil Line Set

PKS Elite 99 Kite Race / Hydrofoil Line Set

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PKS Elite 99 Kite Race/ Hydrofil Lines Line

Developed in conjunction with Robline, a worldwide leader in technological watersports line manufacturing, and manufactured from Dyneema SK 99 fiber, comes the new PKS Elite 99 Lines. The PKS Elite 99 lines are a high strength, low stretch kite line. The Line sets are manufactured with spliced and sewn loops. Since we manufacture the line sets in house, you get to choose the line length that meets your specific needs.

Pre-Loaded lines for a more consistant and responsive feel from kite to bar. This lets you have a greater sense of where the kite is and what it is doing even on a kite with lighter bar pressure.

Utilizing an enhanced impregnation and coating process and using a stabalized UV and abrasion resistant protective coating, the lines maintain their consistant and responsive feel for many years of use throughout their life.


  • Using only lightweight lines, the parasitic drag is reduced to minimum ensureing your lines never slow you down in a race or in ligh wind on a hydrofoil.
  • A 12-braid technology line with high breaking load and low elongation due to the Dyneema SK99 fiber.
  • Spliced and sewn line ends for the strongest connection.
  • Precision high strength micro stitching with high strength UV treated thread.


All Lines
Diameter [mm] - 1.3mm    
MBL - 380 daN
Rated - 850 Pounds
Color Coded - Red, Grey, Grey, Blue
Spliced and Sewn Line Ends


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