Tear Aid Roll

Tear Aid Roll

Tear Aid Roll

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 Tear Aid Bladder patches seal leaks and small cuts in bladders.  The roll can be cut into any sizes desired for patching, whether your bladder problem is small pinholes or 2-foot long cuts.

30 ft. x 1.25-inch (60 patches)
30 ft. x 3-inch (60 patches)
30 ft. x 6-inch (60 patches)

  Note that long cuts (more than 6 inches) or cuts next to the seam of bladder can be harder to ensure a good seal on.  Long cuts are rarely straight lines.
  More often, they are blown out and the bladder material is stretched and warped.  In this case, you may want to consult a professional kite repair shop, like www.fixmykite.com


1.  Clean off area to be repaired with an alchohol swab.
2.  Spread out bladder and remove all wrinkles
3.  Place Patch over leak making sure to not allow and wrinkles

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