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Ronstan Bridle Pulley
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Always check pulleys for wear and tear and replace when needed. A broken or jamed pulley can ruin a kite bridle. $8.25 per pulley
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Ronstan Series 15 Small Pulley

Ronstan Pulley used on larger foil snow sites as well as Naish Kites.

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Stopper Ball (Parrel Bead) 20mm

These parrel bead stopper balls are UV stable and impact resistant. They measure 20mm across, have a center hole diameter of 5mm, and the maximum rope size is 3/16 inches.

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Ronstan Pulley For Larger Foils and Naish (Sold Individually)
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Ronstan pulley used on larger Snow Kite Foils and Naish Kites.

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Double Pulleys
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Ronstan Double Pulleys

Replacement Double Pulleys which are used on some of the top brand Kite companies like Cabrinha and Slingshot.
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Parrel Bead 20mm
These parrel beads are uv stable and impact resistant. Maximum rope diamenter 3/16".
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