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Repair Parts for Airush Kites and Bars

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Ocean Rodeo Go Joe
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The Ocean Rodeo Go-Joe is everything you need for Leashless board Retrieval assistance: Even stronger, better, lighter, and easier to use than before. A great idea and an innovative product that is moving from beginners to wave riders and mainstream users. If you don't have one it's worth to check it out.

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FixMyKite.com 7mm Kiteboarding Valve, 2-Way only
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The FixMyKite.com 7mm Self-Stick Kiteboarding Valve is a replacement for leaky valves on kite bladders. Works with older kites (primarily produced before 2003 and prior) that use a smaller inflate valve.  Also used on GK 1 pumps, and Ocean Rodeo kites midyear 2010 and earlier. 

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BLADDER for Go Joe (by Ocean Rodeo)

This REPLACEMENT BLADDER is Custom-made to be the right size for GoJoes, offering a replacement for your GoJoe if the bladder gets damaged.

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FixMyKite.com Epic/Blade Kiteboarding One Pump Valve
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FixMyKite.com Epic/Blade Kiteboarding One Pump Valve is the perfect replacement valve for Blade, Epic, and Ocean Rodeo Kites .

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FixMyKite.com Ocean Rodeo One Pump Kiteboarding Valve
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The FixMyKite.com Ocean Rodeo One Pump Valve is the perfect replacement valve for Ocean Rodeo Kites manufactured mid season 2010 and newer.

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FixMyKite.com Bayonet Inflate-Deflate Kiteboarding Valve for Ocean Rodeo, PLKB, ON Kites/Wings
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The Ocean Rodeo 2nd Gen, PLKB and On Kiteboarding Bayonet fitting Inflate/Deflate valve for kites and wings.

Ocean Rodeo's screw valve used on kites and wings. This screw valve is for inflating the leading edge and struts on select wings. This valve is on a 4" 'peel and stick' base so that you can easily replace a faulty valve or assemble a new replacement bladder. The valve comes with a complete 360deg velcro attachemnt to hold the valve in place. NOT ALL OCEAN RODEO VALVES use the same Velcro. Some models use a hard Velcro (hook) on the valve and others use the soft Velcro (loop). You will need to check your kite or wing and select the correct Velcro from the drop down "Type Of Velcro" option.

Velcro option:
Depending on the manufacturer, style and year of your kite or wing, you may need either the Hook side or the Loop side velcro onthe valve to attache to the inside of the leading edge casing. Be sure to  confirm which you need when ordering.


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OEM Silicone One-Pump Hose (by the foot)
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OEM Silicone One-Pump Hose is a heavy-duty flexible hose with a 1/4" inner diameter, standard factory one-pump hose. This means it will not just be the only replacement hose you will ever want to use, it will last!

Hose is sold by the foot so you can cut it to your specific needs. For more than one foot, just up the quantity when ordering. hose will be sent in 1 continous length of hose.This hose is the standard size for most valves on the market including Advance, Best, BWS, Cabrinha, Core, Crazyfly, EH, F-One, Flexifoil, Flysurfer, Liquid Force, Nobile, North, Ozone, Ocean Rodeo, RRD, Slingshot, Spleene, Star, Switch, Takoon, Vari, Wainman, and  possibly Zian

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Ocean Rodeo Unity Wing Wrist Leash

Ocean Rodeo Unity Wrist Leash


  • Shock cord loaded Amsteel rope.

  • Double backed wrist leash design to disperse load.

  • Secure loop-to-loop connection to the leading edge of the wing.

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