Tech Talk with Jeff - Handy Kite Repair Tips

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Airush Lock Tube For Brain Chickenloop V3

Airush replacement lock tube for brain chickenloop V3

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Naish 2012-2016 Factory Depower Trimline With nylatron

OEM Factory Naish Depower trimline for 2012-2016 Universal and Fusion bars. High strength Spectra Line, stopper ball and expert riders leash connection with nylatron.



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Racer-Back Clamcleat

The Racer-Back Clamcleat is the most trusted cleat in Kiteboarding and used by many top brands such as Ozone. Amsteel/Chickenloop line can be woven through the back of cleat to secure it in place while the front side with the teeth is used as a depower cleat.

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Q-PowerLine Pro Kiteboarding Fly Line Set

Q-PowerLine Pro is the only line specifically engineered for Kiteboarding/Power Kite applications, and it's no wonder there's nothing better when you see what it is: high-strength, low-weight, low-drag, coated line reduces tangling. Linesets come with loops on all ends, but can add custom pigtails.

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