Tech Talk with Jeff - Handy Kite Repair Tips

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PKS High Visibility Fly Line Extensions (4 x 700 lbs)

Line Extensions allow you to tune your kite lines to the exact length that you want. Extensions are made in a set of four (4) from 700 lbs. line with sleeved and sewn loops on both ends.

CUSTOM lengths are possible, including mixing lengths for outer and inner lines.

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Q-PowerLine Pro Fly Line Extensions
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Q-PowerLine Pro is the only line specifically engineered for Kiteboarding/Power Kite applications, and it's no wonder there's nothing better when you see what it is: high-strength, low-weight, low-drag, coated line reduces tangling. Linesets come with loops on all ends, but can add custom pigtails.

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Ozone Fly Line Extensions (4 x 300 kg)

Ozone line extensions are made to be used with all Ozone water kites and the Ozone Contact Water, C4, or Race Control Bars. Adding extensions to your lines can give your kite that extra height to find some cleaner wind and also give you a bit more power for those lighter days.

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Ozone Kiteboarding Pro Race Fly Line Extensions (2 x 300 kg & 2 x 200 kg)

Get more performance for kite racing or light wind riding with reduced drag from Ozone Pro Race Lines. These even length lines are compatible with any Contact Water Freeride or Race bar.

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