Fix My Kite

Tech Talk with Jeff - Handy Kite Repair Tips


What's that thing called? Jeff goes over control bar terminology. Bar floats, swivels, leader lines, fly lines, cleats, sheeting systems, pigtails and sleeving.

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Ozone 2014+ Megatron II Kiteboarding Chickenloop with push-away release

The Ozone Megatron Chickenloop comes standard on all Ozone snow and water kites from 2014+. This replacement chickenloop can be used to repair a current bar or used to retrofit an older bar with the new push-away system.

Price: $79.95
PKS Universal Kiteboarding Pigtail V2 Set
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The new PKS Universal Pigtail V2 is the latest and greatest pigtail for a universal connection between kite and bar. Universal pigtails are uniquely designed to allow for either a loop to loop or loop to knot configuration with a single pigtail. Simply larks head the loop end of the pigtail onto the end of your fly lines or directly to the bridles on the kite and you're all set to connect to the loop or knot on the other side, making a nearly kook-proof connection point.

Price: $14.95
Airush Lock Tube For Brain Chickenloop V2

Airush replacement lock tube for brain chickenloop V2

Price: $9.95

Naish 2012-2016 Factory Depower Trimline

OEM Factory Naish Depower trimline for 2012-2016 Universal and Fusion bars. High strength Spectra Line, stopper ball and expert riders leash connection.

Price: $28.95
Racer-Back Clamcleat

The Racer-Back Clamcleat is the most trusted cleat in Kiteboarding and used by many top brands such as Ozone. Amsteel/Chickenloop line can be woven through the back of cleat to secure it in place while the front side with the teeth is used as a depower cleat.

Price: $26.95
Q-PowerLine Pro Kiteboarding Fly Line Set

Q-PowerLine Pro is the only line specifically engineered for Kiteboarding/Power Kite applications, and it's no wonder there's nothing better when you see what it is: high-strength, low-weight, low-drag, coated line reduces tangling. Linesets come with loops on all ends, but can add custom pigtails.

Price: $184.95